Big Jake- Calls The Waders

Whoa mama!  A record of narrated bird calls by a dude named BIG JAKE!  I shouldn't even have to say anything more... but I will.  Jake Ward is not without talent.  The noises he makes certainly sound like birds.  And although I have no idea what an Oystercatcher or a Kentish Plover sound like, I am sure Big Jake does a fine job of mimicking their cries.  And the narrator, Bryan Bland, does an admirable job... ummm... narrating.  He doesn't make me want to listen to bird calls but his voice is far from living up to his last name.

What gets me about this record is why it was made in the first place???  Was ornithology that big back in 1980 that an album featuring a dude named Big Jake whistling the mating calls of Black-tailed Godwits and Spotted Redshanks would sell?  "And now a new album that is blistering up the charts and is destined for our top spot in the coming weeks... BIG JAKE CALLS THE WADERS!!!" I can almost hear Casey Kasem or John Peel now!  This record is why I love records.  You just don't see this much work put into hobbies anymore.  No one has produced a bird sounds record in like 20 years... at least.  Long live vinyl and long live Big Jake Ward.  You are my hero...

Artist: Big Jake feat. Bryan Bland
Title: Calls The Waders
Label: Millstream
Matrix: SRTX-80-CUS598
Year: 1980
Speed: 33.3

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