Victor Banana- Split

This is yet another SEALED dollar bin steal.  It was found in the small town of Edmunston, New Brunswick at a tiny book store that had a few milk crates full of records.  I also scored an April March record there that day but that is for another review.  I had no idea what kind of music it was going to be but I recognized the artwork.  It was by famous graphic novelist, Daniel Clowes (Ghost World, Art School Confidential, Like A Velvet Glove Cast In Iron)  I knew that if Daniel Clowes was involved, it must be somewhat cool.  I decided to keep this one sealed and to find a used copy or at least a digital copy to find out what I was dealing with.

It turns out its a very fun, accessible pop record that borders on the very strange.  The music itself is quaint and cute but the lyrics are ummm... Songs like "Let's Go For A Ride On A Dinosaur", "Doctor Goodbeard" and "Planet Xylak" make you wonder what new and wonderful drugs they were taking in the late 80's L.A. Scene.  The album was released on Splat Co. Records which was started by famed L.A. underground DJ, Splatwinger.

I have since bought a used listening copy but still hold this sealed weirdo treasure high as one of my best dollar bin finds ever.  I have seen some used copies sell for as high as $40-50.  I could likely get $70 for this one but its not going anywhere.

Artist: Victor Banana
Title: Split
Label: Splat Co.
Matrix: 100
Year: 1989
Size: 12"
Speed: 33.3

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