Ron Schmeck- Easy Living The American Way

Ron Schmeck was an RV dealer from Sacramento, California who not only released vanity country & western albums but had a cable access TV show called "Easy Livin" back in the 70's.  This record it turns out has quite a cult following amongst weirdo/ private press collectors.  With titles such as "Travelling Man In A Mini-Van" and "Me And My RV" its no wonder.

I would love to tell you just how horrible/ brilliant this album is but the copy I found in a thrift store for 50 cents is still sealed.  Normally I don't care if a semi-valuable is sealed.  I will open it.  I am a record lover more than a collector.  But this record is so ridiculous/ perfect that I am waiting for a special night to open it and give it a spin.  This is my expensive bottle of champagne I am saving for the day I get married/ win the lottery/ meet Ron Schmeck.

Artist: Ron Schmeck
Title: Easy Living The American Way
Label: Valley Records (Private Press)
Matrix: NONE
Year: 1970's?
Size: 12"
Speed: 33.3

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