The DeFranco Family- Save The Last Dance For Me

Ummm... Where to start with this one...

I guess I can tell you a little bit about The DeFranco Family feat. Tony DeFranco.  They were born from Italian immigrant parents and grew up in the Port Colbourne, Ontario, Canada.  They had a string of hits in the mid-70's with their biggest, "Heartbeat (It's A Love Beat)" hitting number 3 on the Billboard charts.  Surprisingly, it sold over 2 million copies!  Thankfully, they faded from  the public eye in the late 70's. 

My girlfriend picked this up yesterday at a Value Village for $1.49.  Normally, a purchase like this for that price would bother me but the cover alone is worth at least double that.  The DeFranco Family are sporting matching blue polyester sweaters with butterfly collars.  It seems they each have different animals bedazzled on the front with various rhinestone adornments surrounding their animal of choice.  Tony, the heartthrob of the band, has a tiger while his two brothers have what look to be parrots... seriously... parrots! At further glance, the sisters have parrots as well.  If I was one of the older brother siblings, I would have a serious issue with wearing a sparkly parrot on my chest while my snot nosed little brother got to wear a bitchin' tiger. 

The music is god awful.  Its like if The Partridge Family crashed their bus into a talent eating bridge and they plunged into a lake that only drowned your fashion sense.  From what I have read, little Tony was in every teen magazine from that era (Tiger Beat, etc)  He was the Justin Beiber of the mid-70's.  Because of this fact, you would think he could actually sing.  This is not the case.  I have made more on key noises after a trip to Taco Bell. 

This record is far from a classic but it will remain in the collection simply for the parrot sweaters.  PARROT SWEATERS!!!

Artist: The DeFranco Family
Title: Save The Last Dance For Me
Label: 20th Century
Matrix: 9209-441
Year: 1974
Size: 12"
Speed: 33.3

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