The Howling Sleepers- Soft Drinks & Snacks

While most of the records reviewed on here come from thrift stores, flea markets or yard sales, there will be a few that I buy on ebay.  I sometimes stroll though the 0.01 cent records in hopes of finding something cool.  I bid on this record simply for the name.  The Howling Sleepers seemed like it would be worth at least a penny.  Plus it was a private press record so maybe it would be worth far more than that.  Possibly some long lost gem worth hundreds that had slipped through the ebay cracks. 

Although I doubt this record is worth hundreds of dollars, it turns out The Howling Sleepers were very influential in the Cardiff scene of the late 80's.  This album, their only release, is just a glimpse of what some called the best live band in Cardiff. 

After listening to this record I could totally imagine The Howling Sleepers on the same bill as a band like Flogging Molly.  Upbeat fun tunes built for drinking crafted from catchy fiddle riffs and humourous lyrics.  Its has punk roots but is certainly not punk.  It has traditional folk roots but its certainly not folk.  Its just good party music and a solid investment for the price. 

Artist: The Howling Sleepers
Title: Soft Drinks & Snacks
Label: POPDY
Matrix: POPDY-102
Year: 1988?
Size: 12"
Speed: 33.3

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