Bob Gibson- Funky In The Country

I had never heard of Bob Gibson when I picked this up at a Value Village.  I believe I paid 99 cents.  Not a huge gamble for something that looked like a private press country/ folk album.  Plus the artwork was sort of cool and the title made me laugh a little.  It turned out this was a semi-famous album by a semi-famous dude.  Shel Silverstein helped write a few of the tracks and Phil Ochs helped write the final track. 

It was recorded in a coffee house in Evanston, IL in 1974 and after a slew of albums on larger labels, this stripped down gem is still considered Mr. Gibson's finest work.  The storytelling in his songs is comparable to others from his era like Jim Croce, John Prine and even Cat Stevens.  A solid 99 cent investment.

Artist: Bob Gibson
Title: Funky In The Country
Label: Legend Enterprises
Matrix: UAS 895-64384
Speed: 33.3
Size: 12"

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